About Baby

Hi, my name is Daniel! I was born on November 22nd 2011, 3 days before my due date. In 2012, my first birthday will be on Thanksgiving, my mama's favorite holiday! I'm really excited to have my first cake all to myself, since my parents enjoyed cake on the 22nd of every month since I was born and I didn't get to have any...

I have dark hair, dark eyes, and I smile in my sleep. My mama, papa, and uncle talk to me every day and while I don't understand them, I talk back and laugh or smile like I do. My favorite things are my green and blue elephant blanket, Soothie pacifer, and the mobile above my crib with my favorite rainforest friends. I love taking a bath, either in my whale tub or in the big tub with my mama or papa. I love it so much that when they take me out of the water, I cry.

I guess I'm bigger than most babies my age because everyone keeps saying how big I am. Everyone also keeps saying how cute I am. Everyone also says how much hair I have. I guess everyone sees just how awesome I really am!

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